Do you want to make a career in Online Digital Marketing?

We can make you market ready within 6 weeks of RankSparrow Certified Training

Our Digital Marketing Training customised industry proven practical & theoretical approach to web analytics, email marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, advertising and social media marketing. As part of the training, you will create a blog and design the complete online marketing strategy for it. During the project, you will learn how to create online marketing strategies for a business using various techniques. Following are the detailed table of contents of the training:


Table of Contents

Marketing Fundamentals

Content Strategy

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Advertising with Facebook

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Marketing with Adwords

Display Advertising

Email Marketing

Measure and Optimize with Google Analytics

1. Web Analytics and Email Marketing: Create your own blog. Learn to promote it through
email marketing and analyze the metrics through Google Analytics.
· Creating a blog
· Creating Google Analytics Account
· Implementing Google Analytics and Real-time Reporting
· Understanding Metrics
· Audience Reports
· Acquisition Reports
· Behaviour Reports
· Conversion Report
· Email Marketing
· Assignment

  1. Search Engine Optimization: Learn how SEO works and how you can improve the page rank
    of your blog by using different SEO tools.
    · Importance of Search Engine
    · How does a Search Engine Work
    · Page Rank
    · On Page SEO
    · Off Page SEO
    · SEO-Tools
    · Assignment
  2. Search, Display, Video & Mobile Marketing: Learn about Google Ad words, paid marketing and mobile marketing.
    · Paid Marketing Basics
    · Google AdWords
    · AdWords Auction
    · Bids and Budget
    · Keywords
    · AdWords Account Structure
    · Display Advertising
    · YouTube Marketing
    · Mobile Marketing
    · Assignment
  3. Social Media Marketing: Learn inbound marketing and social media marketing. Promote
    your blog on Facebook and other social mediums.
    · Inbound Marketing
    · Facebook Marketing
    · Twitter Marketing
    · LinkedIn Marketing
    · Quora, Pinterest, and Instagram
    · Hootsuite
    · ROI in Social Media
    · Social Listening
    · Assignment

and a lot more ….as

What is SEO?

Introduction to SERP

What are search engines?

How search engines work

Major functions of a search engine

What are keywords?

Different types of keywords

Google keyword planner tool

Keywords research process

Understanding keywords mix

Google Operator: So that you can find anything on the web

On page optimization

What are primary keywords, secondary keywords, and tertiary keywords?

Keywords optimization

Content optimization & planning

Understanding your audience for content planning

What is the difference between keywords stuffing & keyword placement

Internal Linking

Meta tags creation

Creating Webpage in HTML

Using google webmasters tool & website verification

Sitemap creation & submission in website & webmasters

How to write an optimized content

How to write a content for article, blog and press release

Off Page optimization

What is Domain Authority?

How to increase Domain Authority

What are backlinks?

Types of backlinks

What is link building?

Types of link building

Do’s and Dont’s of link building

Link building strategies for your business

Easy link acquisition techniques

Local SEO

Google places optimization

Classified submissions

Using H card


Top tools for SEO

Monitoring SEO process

Preparing SEO reports

How to create SEO Strategy for your business

What is link juice?

Importance of domain and page authority

How to optimize exact keywords for your business

What is Google Panda Algorithm?

What is Google Penguin?

What is Google EMD Update?

How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update

How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD